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RFID /IC/ID Recognizing Access Control System
RFID /IC/ID Recognizing Access Control System
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Application of Smart Card Identification System

With the popularization of the smart card system, our smart card system mainly consists of IC and ID, and RFID. Realizing the door access management by setting card authority.

Application of AI Facial Identification System

With the application of innovation biological technology, our bio-metric identification system mainly consist of the fingerprint, face, iris etc., it puts an end to the discrepancy and achieves the Implement of real-name authentication management through personnel biological characteristics,

Authentication System in Special Industry

ESD system is Ideal for electrical production enterprises, it eliminates staffs' electrostatic before entering the workshop. ESD anti-static access control system is compulsive, staffs are required to pass the ESD system, then legal access permission will be sent to the turnstile.

Security metal detection system aims at the public places to detect prohibited items carried by passengers, the Metal detection system is compulsive, personnel must go through the metal detector, then legal access permission is allowed in the turnstile. The RFID security access control system is what you're looking for.
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