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China Tripod Turnstile Gate, Tripod Turnstile Gate factory, Buy Tripod Turnstile Gate, Good quality

New product description of CXT-SW127 high-grade brushless three-roller gate
Chuangxintong brushless three-roller gate is a new type of high-tech channel product which is upgraded for the defects and deficiencies of general three-roller gate and flexible three-roller gate. The product adopts new industrial-grade circuit and ARM control system and unique The mechanical design, coupled with the unique transmission technology of the brushless motor and the accurate limit technology, make the product revolutionary in terms of performance, softness, environmental protection, life, and cost performance.

The unique advantages of high-grade brushless three roller gates:
1. Using brushless motor, the service life is longer;
2. Using ARM control technology, the function is more powerful and the expansibility is better;
3. Modular design, simpler structure and easier maintenance;
4. The buffering effect is better, which greatly prevents personal injury caused by collision;
5. The instant reverse thrust can deter illegal operators; and other incomparable significant advantages;
6. More cost-effective, "high-end performance, low-end price".

CXT-SW127 high-grade brushless three roller gate function brief description
1. It has the functions of fault self-checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.
2. It can be connected to the control signal or button or remote control output by any control device to realize one-way and two-way control.
3. One-way and two-way free passage can be set arbitrarily.

4. Automatic reset function: it will reset automatically every 120 degrees of rotation, or if the system does not pass within a specified time (adjustable delay), the system will automatically cancel the permission for this pass.
5. Light indication: high-brightness traffic light status indication to guide the passage.
6. Anti-trailing function: every time one person passes the turn 120 degrees, if someone is trailing, the gate will automatically start the reverse thrust blocking and alarm.
7. Fire input: It can be connected with the fire alarm signal to realize the constant open of the power drop bar.
8. Memory function: Accurate signal memory, when receiving legal signals for many times in a row, it will automatically reset after detecting the last person passing through, which greatly improves the passing speed.
9. Alarm prompt function: When illegal passage or gate flushing, an alarm prompt will be automatically issued.
10. Anti-reversal function: if the reverse occurs during the passage, the brake lever will automatically start the reverse thrust blocking and issue an alarm, and the passage will be automatically resumed after the reverse external force disappears.
11. Anti-buffering function: When illegally passing or rushing the gate, the brake lever will automatically start the reverse thrust blocking and issue an alarm to achieve humanized injury prevention. When the external force disappears, it will automatically reset.
12. Drop bar and upper bar: automatically drop the bar when power is off, and automatically mount the bar when powered on.
13. Dynamic prompt: When accepting the legal traffic signal, the brake lever will automatically rotate about 5 degrees, and it will gently rotate to the next reset point and then stop when you touch it.

Technical parameters of CXT-SW127 high-grade brushless three-roller gate
◇ Shell material: SUS304 stainless steel
◇ Shell processing technology: It is produced by laser, bending, cutting, welding, polishing, grinding and other processes.
◇ Specifications and dimensions: It depends on each style.
◇ Weight: depends on each style (about 30-60KG).
◇ Brake lever length/thickness: 510(mm)/¢38 stainless steel tube.
◇ Working driving force of brake lever: 3Kg.
◇ Motor: 24V/30W brushless.
◇ Positioning accuracy: 1/500 yards.
◇ Adaptable temperature: -40℃~80℃. (Need to add temperature control system)
◇ Adapt to humidity: 5% - 90%
◇ Opening time: 0.2 seconds.
◇ Delay reset time: ≥3S adjustable.
◇ Passing speed: ≥30 people/min.
◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor.

Three roller gate function comparison table:
No. Name Universal three-roller gate Smart three-roller gate Brushless three-roller gate
1 Rotation method Hand push Electric assist Electric assist
2 Positioning principle Optical couple fixed point 1/360 decoding Motor self positioning
3 Locking method Positioning arm Suction cup Instant reverse thrust, no locking
4 Transmission mode Solenoid valve Brush motor Brushless motor
5 Control technology MCU MCU ARM
6 Back stick mode Manual Automatic Automatic
7 Buffer No Yes Yes
8 Anti-reverse No Yes Yes
9 Noise level None
10 Mechanical wear Major None None
11 Illegal alarm No Yes Yes
12 Access prompt No Yes Yes
13 Service life 1-3 years 5-10 years More than 6 years
14 Traffic speed 25-30 people/min 30-60 people/min 30-60 people/min
15 Power drop bar Yes Yes Yes
16 Memory no yes yes
17 Fire input Yes Yes Yes
China Tripod Turnstile Gate, Tripod Turnstile Gate factory, Buy Tripod Turnstile Gate, Good quality Tripod Turnstile Gate
18 Feedback signal output No Yes Yes