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Smart channel innovation continues, brushless wing gate function demonstration
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Smart channel innovation continues, brushless wing gate function demonstration

Smart channel innovation continues, brushless wing gate function demonstration

Smart channels will continue to advance in the development of the times. Chuangxintong has taken the first step and used brushless motor configuration for the first time. It is understandable that brushless motor smart channel gates will be popularized. However, in the trend of the times, products that cannot complete the next generation upgrade will be eliminated. After the Pentium series, the brushless series will also follow. Therefore, the smart channel revolution of Chuangxintong Technology will continue to move forward.

Brushless wing gate

The smart channel of the wing gate has been popularized and widely used in various places. However, the upgrading of products has become a trend. Products that cannot provide source power for the market will not survive. This is well known. Chuangxintong brushless wing gate will enter the market. In order to make the brushless wing gate more active in the market in the future, the relevant functions of the brushless wing gate are introduced here.

The brushless wing gate is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel channels. It integrates the related uses of swing gates and three-roller gates and is upgraded here. The industrial-grade circuit control system and humanized scientific mechanical transmission design are adopted, and the brushless motor is configured, making the product more stable in performance, more complete in functions, more humanized in design, and higher in grade. It is mainly recommended for high-end and crowded places such as subways, clubs, docks, smart buildings, villa communities, hotel lobbies, etc., making the traffic management of the places more intelligent, convenient and efficient.

Common functions of brushless wing gates:

1) It has fault self-detection and logic judgment functions, which is convenient for users to maintain and debug functions;

2) Flexible digital buttons to set various performances, up to dozens of types, and easy to expand;

3) Mechanical and infrared dual anti-pinch function, when encountering obstacles during the resetting process of the barrier arm, it will automatically stop or rebound and send out an alarm signal;

4) Multiple mode alarm function, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, tailgating, and passage timeout alarms;

5) Anti-collision function, the barrier arm will automatically lock when no gate opening signal is received;

6) Reverse intrusion closing alarm function, when someone enters from the reverse direction after swiping the card in the forward direction, the barrier wing will quickly close and send out an alarm;

7) Flexible passage indication function, high-brightness indicator light plus its humanized prompt function, making the channel more distinctive;

8) Normally open and normally closed modes are adjustable, and can be easily controlled by settings or external manual buttons;

9) Automatic detection and reset function, after opening the gate, if no object is detected within the specified time (adjustable), the system will automatically cancel the passage authority;

10) Automatic normally open when power is off to meet fire protection requirements;

11) It can be connected with a variety of control devices and receive relay switch signals to work;

12) Various traffic modes, can control personnel entry and exit in one direction or two directions, or be controlled in one direction and freely pass in the opposite direction;

13) Strong ability to adapt to the environment, can work normally in various harsh environments, super strong self-protection ability, can adapt to weak current short circuit, strong light exposure, fog, rain, snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes.

Extensible functions of brushless wing gate:

u1) Two-way automatic counting function, automatically counting the number of people present (customized).

u2) Voice prompt function: "Welcome! Bon voyage! Please swipe your card!" etc. (customized);

u3) Selection of telescopic arm materials and primary colors.

The above functions are introductions to the configuration. Among them, adding brushless wing gates to the venue can better demonstrate its support in many aspects of construction, such as cost-effectiveness, usability, and security environment construction.
1) Equipped with brushless wing gate, it can greatly improve the temperament of the place and render the on-site environment; 2) Adopting brushless motor, stable performance, complete functions, humanized design, and eliminating the troubles caused by ordinary wing gate; 3) Traffic restriction, maintaining on-site security, high-end appearance design, greatly improving the image of the place of use; Finally, look forward to the extraordinary experience that the brushless wing gate will bring you!