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Xinxintong tripod turnstile application and function description
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Xinxintong tripod turnstile application and function description

Xinxintong tripod turnstile application and function description

With the continuous development of smart technology, smart channels are also changing people's living habits. The tripod turnstile is currently the most competitive product in the access control equipment. According to its appearance characteristics, the tripod turnstile can be divided into vertical tripod turnstile, box tripod turnstile, bridge type tripod turnstile, etc., and of course there are others.

Technical features of tripod turnstile

Today's tripod turnstiles combine QR code scanning with radio frequency technology. The function of shortening the time for ticket purchase and check-in will be implemented, and this new ticket check-in method will be greatly popularized in the near future.
QR code technology: Recently, the popularity of mobile phones has greatly increased, and QR codes can be used to check tickets when passing through tripod turnstiles. This technology has greatly improved the efficiency of traffic. Users can choose to purchase an electronic QR code through the e-commerce platform. Use the QR code when checking in. Point the QR code at the scanning window of the tripod turnstile. If the verification is successful, the gate will open and pass. It can be regarded as a trendy ticket checking method in the digital information age.
Radio frequency technology: mainly used for second-generation ID cards and mobile phone RFID-SIM cards. The gate uses a second-generation ID card scanning platform and a mobile phone RFID-SIM scanning platform. Users can purchase tickets through the e-commerce platform and enter their ID number into the system when purchasing tickets. Users hold their ID cards for inspection when checking tickets. Scan and verify at the radio frequency ticket gate of the tripod turnstile. The gate will open after passing the ticket verification. Users can also use mobile phone RFID-SIM cards to scan and provide mobile phone deductions, realizing the function of synchronizing ticket sales and ticket verification. As people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection continues to increase, this new three-roller gate ticket checking method will definitely become popular.

Functional advantages of tripod turnstile

The cost is lower than other types of gates, and the customer's purchasing intention is given priority;
The tripod turnstile has a more practical anti-trailing function. Compared with other turnstiles, the structural design of the tripod turnstile already focuses on the anti-trailing design; there is no need to install other auxiliary components;
The appearance design of the tripod turnstile makes it easier for users to use it. Because of its high popularity and simple structure, ordinary first-time users can apply it directly without learning.
Application scope of tripod turnstile
◇Tri-roller turnstiles can be used for one-way or two-way pedestrian passages.
◇Entrance and exit channels of stations, docks and tourist attractions
◇Tri-roller turnstiles are used in ticket inspection channels such as exhibitions and swimming pools
◇Import and export attendance, access control, and consumption management for communities, factories, enterprises and institutions

◇Special channel control of tripod turnstile

◇Suitable for import and export management of units and import and export management of canteens, subways, stations, docks, shopping malls, scenic spots and parks, etc.

The functions of the tripod turnstiles are changing with the continuous improvement of science and technology. Now the tripod turnstiles are compatible with card reading and identification equipment such as IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards, fingerprints and faces. The above is also an important reason why tripod turnstiles still maintain a good market with such a rich range of access gate products.
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