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Analysis of various information setting methods on swing gate control panel
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Analysis of various information setting methods on swing gate control panel

The swing gate is a device that organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies. Through the configuration of various reading and writing equipment, the use of reliable safety protection devices, real-time alarm system and direction indication interface, the intelligent control and management of swing gates are jointly coordinated and realized. So how is the closing time of the swing gate control panel set? There are general instructions on it, so let's discuss this kind of issue with the Xiaobian Xiaobian. However, please note that the swing gates of different specifications and brands are also different. Please set them under the guidance of the doorway.

swing gate
1. "Entry and exit direction configuration":
Set the left side of the gate as the entrance or the exit; the right side is the entrance or the exit.
2. "Entrance and Exit Configuration":
Set whether to allow passage on both sides of the gate (ingress and egress).

3. "How the gate works"
Set the opening method, whether it is infrared opening or card-swiping opening.

4. "Entry and exit memory function configuration"
Whether there is a memory function when opening or closing the entrance and exit, it is generally used for swiping the card to open the gate, whether to remember the card swiping situation of other people when one person swiping the card has not passed. "Prohibited" means that after the first person swiping the card, the second person swiping the card will be valid; "Allow" means that the number of people who swipe the card is how many consecutive people are allowed to pass.

5. "Entrance opening time"
Set the length of time for the gate to automatically close after the gate is opened and no one passes.

6. "Counter reset"
Clear the entry/exit traffic count and count again.

7. "Device ID"
Device number of the control board. Generally do not need to be set.

8. "Device Information"

Display the basic information of the control board, such as type, model and other information

9. "Gateway Type"

Set the type of turnstile, there are three types in total: "Duo'ao swing gate", "swing gate" (single swing), "double swing gate"; what kind of turnstile should be set to the corresponding type to work normally. The default is the "Door Swing Gate" type.

10. "System Initialization"

Initialize the parameters of the control board. After the initialization is successful, the parameters of the control board are restored to the factory settings.

11. "Left Passing Voice"

Set the voice to be played by the gate when passing from the left. Such as: let the gate play "Welcome" when passing from the left.

12. "Right pass voice"

Set the voice to be played by the gate when passing from the right. For example: let the gates play "Safe Journey" when passing on the right.

13. "Test Voice"

Automatically play the voices in the control panel in sequence, and exit automatically after playing.

14. "Motor Speed"

Used to set the running speed of the motor, the smaller the value, the slower the speed.

15. "How long the motor runs at full speed"

It is used to set the time for the motor to run at the highest speed during the process of opening and closing the motor.

For example, when the swing gate is opened, the swing rod needs to run for 1S, the motor running time at full speed is set to 0.8S, and the motor runs for 0.8S and then slows down until it reaches the position, so as to avoid the shaking caused by the sudden speed reduction after the swing rod is in position.

16. "Motor Max Run Time"

Set the maximum time for the motor to run at one time (when the control board fails due to external detection or other original signals) to prevent the motor from idling all the time, the default is 10S.

17. "Allow IR Overlap Time"

Set the time allowed to block 2 infrareds at the same time. Due to the short distance between the infrareds of some gates (for example, the left infrared is very close to the anti-pinch), preventing the human body from blocking the two infrared voices at the same time will cause false alarms.

18. "Delayed closing time"
It is used to set how long the gate will be closed after people pass through the gate normally, the unit is "second", the default is 0, no delay, that is, the gate will be closed immediately after people pass through.

19. "Open signal type"
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Pulse width opening: The gate is opened after a signal (pulse) is detected.
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