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Detail the installation steps and key points of the speed gate
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Detail the installation steps and key points of the speed gate

Speed gates are one of the important components of modern access control. The door wings are driven by the control system, open and close automatically, and the operating mode can be selected by programming: as long as it is verified that the entrant is authorized, the door wings open automatically. It is closed after a delay, and the delay time is adjustable. Before we customize the purchase of the speed gate, we should understand the installation steps of the automatic speed gate and the points that need to be paid attention to.
Detail the installation steps and key points of the speed gate
1. Decomposition of the installation steps of the speed gate:

1. Determine the position: determine the installation position of the speed gate;
2. Wiring: The specific wiring of power cables, network cables and online cables should be reasonable and neat. Cables need to be kept horizontal or vertical, and protected and fixed by casing;
3. Place: Place the speed gate to the predetermined installation position;

4. Punching: draw fixing holes and fix them with expansion screws;
5. Wiring: After fixing the speed gate, wire the gate (power cable, network cable, online cable);

6. Debugging: Power on and debug the speed gate (here mainly refers to the debugging of the swing gate, wing gate, and flat wing gate), the swing gate should be kept parallel, and the alarm test; the wing gate determines the switch position of the door wing, and the alarm test; translation Door swing up and down position;

7. Data: Issue data to solve the problem of card issuing authority of passers-by.

Second, the installation of the speed gate should pay attention to the following points:

When the user purchases, the installation of the brake on the speed gate is not accurately set according to the specified process. The speed gate brake should be installed accurately, according to the selected speed gate installation and the actual situation of the site, to determine where the speed gate host is installed.

Detail the installation steps and key points of the speed gate

Before installation, you should prepare the equipment for installing the brake speed gate tool. According to the packing list, inventory accessories, clear system composition and work style, make an overall plan, and prepare to start the installation. The points to pay attention to in the installation process are as follows:

1. The brake line is embedded to set the position of the wing brake chassis according to the customer's request. The base control room or frame is embedded between the cable troughs in the fixed position, or the steel pipe is excavated and buried, and the concrete is backfilled after the accurate installation of the equipment.

2. Fix the chassis brake wing brake chassis in a fixed orientation, and with the door open, fix the cap with a loose wing nut. Then install the wing door on the base of the screw hole of the chassis back panel and the edge of the chassis, and use the standard screw hole to drill the depth of the drill bit to meet the installation requirements of the length of the expansion screw. Use the expansion screw to tighten and fix it firmly.

3. After the wing brake is braked, the chassis is fixed and strong, and the brake position can be installed, using screws, and breaking the brake wing door without skewing. Secure the wing door with screws. After all processes are installed, carry out relevant debugging, such as accurate, the installation is completed.
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