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QR code Scanner Access control system
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QR code Scanner Access control system

Application of Bar-code/QR Code Electronic Ticketing System

With the development of intelligent tourism, our tourism management operating system can be divided into two parts(online selling and offline ticketing). Which makes traveling more smart and convenient by online booking and offline ticketing. Our qr code access control/ barcode access control will improve your work efficiency.

Procedure: Buy a ticket and get a laser code/QR code-- check-in in Turnstile - legal entry

QR code reading head

1.Recognition mode: Sensing Recognition
2.Precise: 10 mil
3.Provide light source: White LED
4.Code reading window: 38.3mm*60.4mm
5.Adapt PCS value: ≥30%
6.Field of view angle: Diagonal:85
7.Maximum power: 1.75W
8.Power supply: DC5V,0.5V,AC 100-240V,50-60Hz
9.Result feedback: Buzzer
10.Dimension: 78.2mm*67.2mm*62mm
Weight: 300g
11.Interface: USB 1.1(HID-KBW,HID-POS)

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