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face recognition Access control system
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face recognition Access control system

Facial recognition used in conjunction with gate machines

Streamline Your Entry Process with Facial Recognition and Gate Machines
Simplify your entry process and enhance security with our advanced facial recognition technology integrated with gate machines. Our system allows for quick and accurate identification, providing a seamless experience for authorized individuals while deterring unauthorized access. With facial recognition, you can say goodbye to the hassle of carrying keys or badges and enjoy a touchless entry experience. Our gate machines are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your facility, ensuring maximum security and efficiency. Upgrade your access control system today and enjoy the benefits of facial recognition and gate machines combined.
Recognize faces and track 70 facial features, expressions and emotions. Try now for free! Works in real-time mode, has an SDK/API and runs on iOS, Android, Windows,

Application of Biometric Identification System

With the application of innovation biological technology, our bio-metric identification system mainly consist of the fingerprint, face, iris etc., it puts an end to the discrepancy and achieves the Implement of real-name authentication management through personnel biological characteristics. Our face recognition access control system is widely used in many fields.
CPU:1.2G Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7
Camera: 200W Pixel hd color WDR camera, 200W Infrared camera
LED:   LED Highlight Fill Light/Double high power infrared light
Display:  5" Capacitive LCD IPS touch screen
Communication:  TCP/IP, WIFI
FRR:  <0.1%
FAR: <0.001%
Power supply: DC 12V, 2A
Operating system: LINUX
Language:English, Spanish, Turkish And other 20 national languages、Voice
User capacity:5000(20000)
Record Capacity: 500,000
Identification style:Visible Light Facial Recognition, PIN, face & PIN combination ,ID(IC)
Identification Mode::1:1, 1:N
Recognition Display:Name, Staff ID
Face recognition time:: <0.2S
Intelligent function:: Live face detection
Detection rang:0.5-2.5m
Magnetic door:: support
Alarm output::1 set
Usb Disk output:1 set
Relay output:1 set
Exit button: 1 set
WG::1 set WG OUT
External alarm:suppor

Application of Biometric Identification System

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