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Access gate manufacturer explains the basic terminology of ID card access control
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Access gate manufacturer explains the basic terminology of ID card access control

Xinxintong Technology is a professional and independently developed manufacturer of intelligent access gates. Its current products include swing gates, wing gates, tripod turnstiles, turnstiles, translational gates, etc. We are here to sincerely help answer questions for the majority of users of intelligent access gates. A detailed explanation of the "basic terminology of ID card access control".

As we all know, ID card access control systems are getting more and more attention and are used by enterprises. Therefore, the basic terms related to them are explained here to facilitate users to provide clear expressions when reporting obstacles.

ID card reader: Also called an ID card reader, it is equipped with a security module from the Ministry of Public Security, which can read a person's ID number, name, photo and other related information from the chip built into the ID card.

The manufacturer of the high-speed gate said that the so-called ID card issuer is actually connected to the computer and is used to read the IC card number of the ID card (it should be noted that this is not the ID card number), so that the customer's ID card can be regarded as An ordinary IC card is used to authorize the access controller, which is used to open the door of the access control gate.

ID card reading head: used on the controller to read the IC card number of the ID card and send the card number to the controller through the access control standard protocol, and then let the controller verify whether it has permission.

Access authorization: In the access control system, a person (or a certain card) is authorized to enter and exit an access control device. After authorization, relevant permission information will be added to the system. This information may be stored in the database of the management host or delivered to the device.

Authentication: Authentication actually refers to the process in which the system determines whether the user has permission to enter or exit when the user swipes the verification information such as card, barcode, ID card or even fingerprint. This process must have two necessary data, one is the authorized information in the system, and the other is the credential information provided by the user at that time. The full-high gate manufacturer stated that authentication is generally done by the access control controller or the computer host.

The above is an explanation of the "basic terminology of ID card access control". I believe it can help users of smart access gates.

Faced with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, Chuangxintong Technology firmly believes that focusing on customers and the market will definitely pay off!

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