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parking management system
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parking management system

parking management system

Intelligent parking lot entrance management system, is a set of automatic toll collection, unattended and parking planning characteristics in one of the high-tech management system. The system can automatically capture the identification and automatic timing of vehicle entry and exit, can achieve accurate billing of parking in the field, and accurately register the vehicle entry and exit, and ensure the safety of parking and avoid theft.
The management system through scientific and technological means to greatly enhance the management level of parking lots, saving manpower and material resources, is the modern parking lot management and road toll system of choice.

(1) Rapid entry and exit guarantee through pure license plate recognition:
High-definition pure license plate recognition parking lot entry and exit management, high-end car owners’ entry and exit experience without taking out cards, parking, opening windows, getting wet, and returning cards, ensuring fast entry and exit, eliminating import and export congestion, and reducing subsequent labor and time Operating costs of materials.

(2) The only entry and exit voucher guarantee:
Each vehicle has only a unique certificate for entry and exit. Normal vehicle license plates are used for entry and exit, and a small number of unlicensed vehicles are charged for entry and exit with paper tickets and QR codes. This prevents unlicensed vehicles from looking for entry records at the exit, causing congestion, disputes, or direct release. Loss of parking fees.

(3) Personalized customized voice:
When owners drive in and out of the parking lot, they will receive language prompts tailored for them by the entrance and exit hardware of the office complex, which will be displayed on the full-color LCD display and will also provide traffic instructions for the car owners. When owners have trouble entering and exiting the site, they can call the management staff through IP intercom, reflecting the considerate service.

(4) Unattended
With autonomous license plate recognition technology, vehicles can automatically lift their poles when entering and exiting, allowing smooth driving. In the event of an emergency, remote network visual intercom can be achieved with the cloud agent management center through cloud agent voice intercom. At the same time, it supports mobile payment technology to realize WeChat, Alipay license plate payment and contactless payment, and can manually handle abnormal problems such as cash payment and abnormal gate opening, truly realizing unmanned duty.

Auto Parking Equipment Speed Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera

LPR or ANPR (License plate recognition) technology can extract and recognize vehicle license plates in motion from a complex background, and recognize vehicle license plate information through technologies such as license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, and license plate character recognition.

Adapt To Vehicle Speed:≤35km/h
Fill Light:<30lux
Recognition Distance:3-10meters
Recognition Rate:98%
Recognition Speed:<30km/h
Display Screen:Four lines display
Camera Lens:4-12MM
Capture Distance:4 M
Camera:1/3CMOS   2Mpixel
Language:English Spanish Russian Japanese Korean Thai Portuguese
Warranty:12 month
MOQ:1 set

What is LPR(License Plate Recognition) Technology?

License plate recognition(ANPR/ALPR/LPR) is one of the important components in modern intelligent transportation parking systems, and it is widely used.
Based on technologies such as digital image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision, it analyzes the vehicle images or video sequences taken
by the camera to obtain the unique license plate number of each car to complete the recognition process.
Dynamic access control system
vehicle access doo
CXT-LCV4 Auto Parking Equipment Speed Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera 7

Hardware part introduction

1.Functions and features of each component
1) Camera: it mainly captures pictures, which are sent to the software for recognition. There are two ways to trigger the camera to capture pictures.
One is that the camera itself has a head-detection function, and the other is that the car is triggered by the loop coil when vehicle pass to capture the picture.
2) Display screen: you can customize the display contents of the display screen.
3) Column: the column and the appearance of the product are formed by cold-rolled iron sheet, strong and waterproof.
4) Fill light: With an automatic light sense < 30Lux, the light will be automatically opened according to the surrounding environment of the project site, and will remain
bright until the supplementary light detects that the surrounding environment becomes brighter, and the light sense will be automatically closed when it is greater than 30Lux.
Software part introduction
ALPR workflow
CXT-LCV4 Auto Parking Equipment Speed Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera 8

Process description:

Entry: the license plate recognition camera captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger, and the image is transmitted to the software.
The software algorithm recognizes the image, writes the recognition result into the database and returns it to the camera, and the camera sends the switch signal to
barrier switch.
Exit: the license plate recognition camera captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger, and the image is transmitted to the software.
The software algorithm recognizes the image, outputs the recognition result and compares it with the entrance recognition result in the database. The comparison is
successful and the result is returned to the camera.
ALPR software interface-multiple languages

Software function introduction:

1) The recognition module is built into the parking lot software, which can recognize the license plates of
123 countries and regions and output the results.
2) Parking software, which can manage the whole parking lot from entrance and exit to charging.
3) Set permissions for operators who manage parking lots.
4) Set the charging rules of the parking lot,input them into the system and charge them automatically.
5) Monitor the movement of vehicles in and out.
6) Keep a record of vehicle movements.
7) Form the report summary of vehicle access management, fee management and parking management.
8) The best solution of a set of parking software is to manage the parking lot with one in and one out. It can
also be used for two in and two out.If beyond this range, it may affect the efficiency of management or cause
the situation of stagnation, which also depends on the actual use of computers and the amount of vehicles.
CXT-LCV4 Auto Parking Equipment Speed Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera 9TGW-LCV4 Auto Parking Equipment Speed Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera 10

Expanding applications:

Expanding application of license plate recognition:
The license plate recognition of parking lot is applied to the entrance and exit of parking lot by the way of license plate recognition.Based on the function of recognition and output of license plate, any project that needs to obtain license plate informati

Card Dispenser Parking Lot Ticket Machine Parking Management System

The parking lot ticket box realizes the comprehensive management of vehicle entry and exit and the dynamic and static state of the vehicle by collecting and recording the vehicle entry and exit records and the location of the venue.

Press red button
Display Screen:One line display
Card Dispenser:Withdraw cards
QR Code:Scan ticket
Warranty:12 month
MOQ:1 set

1. Unique manual release can stop the boom at any angle,  Auto-reset  when power on.
2. Bar can rise and fall on left/right sides by setting on the same machine.
3.One balance spring is suitable for all types of bars.
4. Unique remote controller, 3 buttons to control the barrier gate, safety  and easy using.
5. Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional).
6. Machine core can automatically adapt to low temperature.

Process description:
Push Button and pick up the ticket
Take the card and paste up it on the dispenser box to raise the barrier gate.
It must be waiting a minute that the barrier has alreadlly rose up.
The vehicle begin go through the barrier and entry parking.
Scan the ticket to exit.
Advantages of parking ticket dispenser
Advantages of parking lot entrance control ticket dispenser
* It can realize "one car one ticket".
* Intercom with the center and automatic counting and statistics function
* With Handheld scanner
* High-brightness LED Chinese characters are automatically displayed and turned over, and the remaining parking spaces are displayed
* Appearance size and color are optional
* Voice prompt, help intercom function

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