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Requirements: To make access attendance management much convenient; to prevent any unauthorized visitors and improve cooperate images by normalized management.

Solutions: Adopt CXT smart card access control system, fingerprint access attendance system, face access attendance system etc.

Recommended Models:Tripod Turnstiles(pedestrian),Swing Turnstiles(pedestrian/non-motor vehicle),Flap Turnstiles(pedestrian)

swing barrier gate swing barrier gates

The swing barrier gate is a kind of product which is suitable for the mixed traffic of human and vehicle. It is widely used in the mixed traffic area, station, factory and wharf. The swing barrier gate is not only beautiful but also practical. It is very suitable for many places involving pedestrian and vehicle mixed traffic. The arm of the swing barrier gate can be adjusted in length according to the actual demand of the site.

In terms of access management, the factory can consider the actual characteristics of its site. Nowadays, many factory employees work with electric bicycles or motorcycles. In this case, the tripod turnstile and other products are difficult to realize the mixed traffic. The advantage of swing barrier gate is that the characteristics of its swing arm are very suitable when it comes to non motorized vehicles.

After several years of continuous exploration, Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,ltd. has been targeted at such problems of swing barrier gate collision. We successfully launched the series of brushless pendulum brake products, and got rid of the history of swing barrier gate collision. The launch of the brushless anti-collision swing barrier gate has changed the trouble of the original factory workers in and out of the factory area, and has also brought convenience to the mixed management of factory managers and vehicles.

Features of brushless anti-collision swing barrier gate:

1. It has changed the history of traditional swing barrier gate that is afraid of collision, and realized the characteristic that the swing barrier gate will no longer afraid of collision. It also improves the service life of the swing barrier gate while reducing the cost.

2. The length is adjustable, the swing barrier gate may have the customer specific request in the production to adjust its length, compared to other products cannot achieve this. Such as flap barrier gate, tripod turnstile, etc.

3. Beauty: the appearance of the swing barrier gate is relatively various and can provide many options, such as a cylindrical swing barrier gate for relatively small indoor use, a bridge type swing barrier gate, a vertical swing barrier gate and so on, and the appearance of the swing barrier gate is beautiful and fashionable.

4. Reliability: the reliability of the swing arm barrier gate is based on the reliability and integration of various components of the brake. Selecting good quality parts is the foundation, such as card reader, controller, monitor, etc. The way of integration mainly depends on the turnstile design and selection of control unit and communication mode. The availability of lightning protection parts is also related to the reliability of the equipment.

5. Security: if the lock group is through the infrared photoelectric detection of the specific traffic flow situation, when someone does not pass the normal detection, the swing barrier gate infrared detection will automatically alarm, the arm will not open. In case of closing, it is not practical and powerful to open the swing barrier gate, which will cause the damage to affect the service life of the swing barrier gate.

Nowadays, with the continuous standardization of factory management, the swing barrier gate is a product of tailgate products tailored to the factory environment. It has become more and more popular with factory management, because it not only provides convenience to factory personnel, but also reduces the cost of factory management in the field of import and export.

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