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Long distance AI multimodal recognizerCXT-HM33
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Long distance AI multimodal recognizerCXT-HM33

Long-distance AI multimodal recognizer, selected by 90 countries and regions

The device has iris and face biometric identification function.

At the same time, smart card/ID card verification, temperature measurement and other functions is optional to be combined into.

Product features

l Equipped with self-improving algorithms, adopting with autofocus technology, allow recognition time ≤ 1S.

l Long-distance recognition range, the iris recognition range cover 35cm-80cm, the face recognition range cover 35cm-80cm.

l An optically controlled spindle mechanism driven by AI self-tracking algorithm, to realize the recognizer can be self-adaptation for people with different heights.

l Obtained with multiple authentication capacity of face/iris/smart card/ID card, this recognition module suitable for different scenarios flexibly.

l Easy to integrate the temperature tester, effectively screen out persons with abnormal body temperature.

l Provide robust SDK, allows customers secondary development according to actual requirement.

Technical parameter

Item No.



Android 7.1


165mm * 28mm * 265mm(L*W*H)

Processor parameters

ARM® Cortex™-A17 Quad core1.8GHz

Storage Size


Memory size


Display size

8-inch color LCD screen

Touch screen

Multi-point capacitive touch screen

Record Capacity



10/100/1000Mbps Adaptive network port

Recognition module

Standard: Iris identification, face recognition

Optional: smart card/ID card (external connect)

Working distance

Iris identification35cm-80cm

Face recognition:35cm-80cm

Algorithmic precision

FAR < 0.0001﹪ FRR < 0.1﹪

Power Adapter

DC 24V@5A

Physical interface

Door open button, Relay*2, Wiegand, RS232/RS485, USB

Optional functions

Temperature measurement (infrared thermal imager)

Working temperature


Working humidity

0% to 90% (In the state of non-condensing water droplets)

Installation types

Wall Mount/Gateway/Desktop/Floor standing

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