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Residential Communities
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Residential Communities

Requirements: To prevent any unauthorized visitors to limited spaces; to convenience residents orderly door access management; to improve the modernized security service management.

Solutions: Adopt CXT smart card Access control channel system.

Recommended Models:Swing Turnstiles(pedestrian/non-motor vehicle),
Flap Turnstiles(pedestrian)

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How to improve the intelligent security work in residential community depends on the combination of technical defense and civil air defense in the residential community, and the application of smart card access control systems and fastlane gate occupies an important position.

The intelligent channel management system in residential community can be divided into two types from a large scale, the fastlane gate for the household and the intelligent swing barrier gate system for the vehicle.

For the card access control systems of the household, when there are foreign users visiting the District, the owner can ask the visitor and open the door through the entrance guard system. If you see a stranger in the visual entrance talk system, you can refuse to open the door and ask for the security of the community.

The vehicle intelligent swing barrier gate system in the community has another guarantee on the basis of security monitoring. The vehicle in the community will be registered and has a IC type entrance guard card. The driver only needs to induce IC card or induction card in the designated area when entering and existing the community. When the interest is verified, the swing barrier gate is open automatically. Usually at the swing barrier gate, the community will be equipped with a low illumination license plate camera to record the number of each license plate, and the monitoring video can be called at any time to prevent the occurrence of violation. And when the foreign vehicles want to go in and out of the community, the security personnel are required to register and record the time of checking in and checking out (the carriage of the truck will be checked in the exit door to ensure security).

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Intelligent community swing turnstile and fastlane gate are universal, but for the residents in the community, more and more perfect security system can further guarantee the life and property security in the community. Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,ltd. provides professional series of intelligent swing barrier gate, such as bridge type circular swing barrier gate, bridge slanting angle swing barrier gate, vertical swing barrier gate, oblique angle octagonal swing barrier gate, inclined plane round head pendulum swing turnstiles, airfoil swing barrier gate cylindrical belt guardrail swing barrier gate, small cylindrical belt guardrail swing turnstiles.

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