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Inclined Surface Flap Barrier Gate YW120YX
Inclined Surface Flap Barrier Gate YW120YX

Inclined Surface Flap Barrier Gate YW120YX

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Inclined Surface Flap Barrier Gate Description:

  • Adopt Brush-less motor, it has a longer lifespan.
  • Adopt control technology, which has stronger function and better expandability.
  • Flow rate more fast,and switching speed up to less than or equal to 5s
  • Low noise, sound can be achieved ≤ 20 decibels.
  • Running more smooth, that is no shaking, no shake, no echo.
  • Door will keep opened automatically while power cut off.
  • Direction of through is adjustable, one-way, bi-direction.
  • LED direction indicator
  • Anti-pinch function
  • Anti-tail, prevent people follow pass without verified
  • Use super capacitor instead of backup battery for gate open with electric cut off, without any shipping problem because of the battery.
  • Prevent wrong direction pass, go through wrong direction will be alarm by beep
  • Option RFID access controller, fingerprint reader, facial identify reader, qr code reader, barcode reader, consume system.

Inclined Surface Flap Barrier Gate Technical Parameter:

  • Housing material: International standard 304SS
  • Processing work craft: Adopt laser, bend, cut, weld, polish and etc.
  • Box size:L1200*W300*H1000(mm)/per difference models
  • Weight:About 50kg(single core); 70kg(double core)
  • Lane width: 570mm
  • Passing speed: 30-45 people/minute
  • Work environment: Indoor or outdoor(rain shelves is suggested)
  • Drive motor: DC Brush-less motor(24v)
  • Working voltage: AC220±10V,50HZ
  • Input interface: Relay switch signal
  • Lifespan: Above 8 million times
  • Humidity: 5%--90%
  • Work temperature: -40℃-- 80℃
  • Gate open or close time: 0.4--1s adjustable
  • Communication interface: RS232/RS485/TCP/IP
cxt wing gate is a control system device for the flow of people and logistics channels. Used in places where people need to control their exit and entrance, such as canteens, hotels, museums, stadiums, clubs, subways, stations, docks, etc. You can use wing gates for orderly flow through the channel.

Swipe card wing gate with face recognition access control and attendance

The card swiping wing gate is combined with the IC card reader to form a smart wing gate; the smart wing gate is combined with the computer, access control attendance fee project management accounting software technology to form a comprehensive financial management control system for China's smart wing gate, which can realize access control, Attendance, current limiting and other functions, as well as charging functions.

The intelligent card swiping wing gate management system is a part of "card" in the system, factories, buildings, canteens and other channel settings, the employee card access control can be done, commuting attendance, dining and other management functions. Intelligent wing gate (block gate) is a high-tech company product that mainly researches artificial intelligence technology management for the development channel of enterprise personnel. It is an upgrade and product of intelligent three-roller gate and swing gate. High, mainly including high-end residential areas, intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, docks, clubs and other high-end places.

CXT wing gate manufacturer

There are many advantages of wing gates. Let me tell you a few important ones. One: The door opening speed is fast. In a place with a relatively large flow of people like a community, if the door opening speed is slow, it will definitely cause congestion. Wing doors can also be made into soft wings, which will not cause harm to those slow-moving old people and some lively children. Three: Easy maintenance, because the wing gate is a structural device, if it is broken, replace it, and the later maintenance is also convenient.

The device integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various identification technologies, making it easy to use card-reading identification devices such as IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards and fingerprints.

After purchasing the wing gate access gate product, if you want to save on-site installation costs and complete the installation of the wing gate access gate by yourself, you can take a few minutes to look at the seven steps of the wing gate installation method. In addition, please believe that this is not just an installation process, but also helps to better understand the product when using it.

The first is to select the line material: first select the communication line, and install the 8-core network cable. It is best to use national standard cables for selective buried pipes and power cords.

The second step is to determine the installation location of the wing gate access gate: first determine the installation position of the wing gate access gate.

The third step is to process the line: according to the installation position in the second step, determine the length of the wiring path, minimize the length of the line trench, and reduce trenching if possible, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources and working time.

The fourth step needs to complete the installation line treatment: first, follow the third step to process the line trench landfill and the position of the pre-embedded pipe. Wait until the cement is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5: After the cement is dry, combine the power supply and communication lines according to the wiring requirements of the gateway installation plan. Pay attention to the tightness of the underground wiring to prevent the lines from being corroded

Step 6: Remember to fix the wing gate access gate at the position of the installation plan of the access gate, and connect the entire access gate with the connecting wire. After the installation is completed, seal it with glass glue.

The seventh step is over: installation, check whether there are loopholes in the entire line, check whether the wing gate access gate is fixed, check whether the power is on and whether it is working normally

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