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Parking fee system
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Parking fee system

If you are looking for an economic solution for your parking access and revenue needs, look no further than our Coin Station Machine. Customers pay a flat-rate on entry or exit for an efficient parking experience. CSM accepts any combination of coins and is designed to meet the requirements of constant use with low maintenance.
Payment of Flat-Rate upon parking area Entry or Exit.
Payment by coins & tokens (upgrade to add bill acceptance). Change by coins.
Six-digit, non-resettable audit counter tracks all cash transactions.
Stand-alone unit, not connected to the network.
Separately keyed, locked coin vault.
Custom Branding: corporate colors, logo and customized text.

Dynamic access control system

vehicle access doo

door for people to pass through

vehicle access contro

Access control

Access control solutions

Access control platform

Access control during fire alarm

Access control

Access Card

Elevator access control

access control parameters

Biometric access control

Fingerprint access control

Password access control

11-gage steel cabinet with powder coat paint finish.
High-security locking bar.
Dimensions: 97 cm (h) x 41 cm (d) x 38 cm (w)

Smart Parking Meters
Smart Parking Meters (aka Multi Space Parking Meters) offer three primary modes: Pay & Display, Pay By Space & Pay By License.  All modes offer configurable parking rates by date and time.   If you are looking for a parking meter for sale, compare the pros and cons of a Smart Parking Meter (non-gated) to a Gated Parking system! View Site Prep Guide.

Pay & Display
Parkers walk up to the smart parking meter after parking. They select and pay for their desired parking time, and a ticket prints from the Smart Parking Meter, displaying the purchased parking time.  In Pay & Display mode, Parkers walk back to their car and leave the ticket on their dashboard.  Enforcement officers look at these tickets from the Pay and Display Systems and write citations for cars parked outside their allotted time.  Also referred to as:  Pay and Display Parking Meters, Pay and Display Parking Machines, Pay and Display Parking Equipment or Pay and Display Machines.
Pay By Space
Parking spaces are numbered in a Pay By Space System. When parkers walk up to the meter to select and pay for their desired parking time, they must also enter their parking space number. This information - along with the purchased parking time - is displayed on the ticket which the parker must display on their dashboard before leaving their car.

In smaller pay-by-space lots, enforcements officers have a bird’s eye view of parking spaces. Officers can view real-time reports of active/inactive parking spaces through CXT- the parking management software - and notice, from a distance, cars parked outside their purchased time.  Also referred to as: Pay By Space Parking Machine, Pay By Space Parking Equipment.
Pay By License
In addition to entering their desired parking time at the Smart Parking Meter, parkers must also enter their license plate number in Pay By-License systems. The Smart Parking Meter prints a ticket with the allotted parking time and the parker’s license number. Once the ticket is displayed on the dash, enforcement officers check the time and license plate number. In this system, parkers are prevented from sharing parking time. Also referred to as: Pay By License Parking Machines, Pay By License Parking Equipment.
Phone Parking Payment & Other Options
Smart Parking Meters allow you to have one meter for multi space parking payment. Select the Smart Parking Meter mode that works best for your operations – choose from Pay & Display, Pay By Space, or Pay By License. Configure multiple parking rates and structures. Our smart parking meters accept payment by credit/debit, bills, coins, tokens (no change given) and allow validations or coupons to discount parking. In addition to transient parking payment, sell passes for weekly or monthly parkers.

Also incorporate parking payment by phone with our P-123 app! Cloud validation is also available from an on-line device, such as computers or cell phones.

Easily enforce parking violations by viewing printed tickets on the vehicle dashboard, print valid spaces/licenses/tickets at the machine or on-line, or integrate with a parking enforcement program via API.

Customize your parking meter with branding and colors! Custom artwork is included at no additional charge. The parking meter housing is rust-resistant powder coated stainless steel.

Usability is enhanced with the sunlight readable LCD and illuminated keypad, that can be programmed to light up only for evening hours. Optional intrusion alarm, scanner and heater may be added to the parking meter. For locations without Ethernet, a 3G/4G modem is also available.

Our parking meters start at the amazing price of $5900 and offer a platform with all the conveniences and advanced features expected from a Cloud-based system. From CloudEASE, the web-based parking management system, you may view revenue, transactions and occupancy for the day, week and month as well as compare to the prior periods.

From within CXT, you may view real-time screens of each machine, view logs, run reports, change system settings, have a preview of receipts as well as making any customization. Contact us to learn more about how Parking CXT can help you with a Smart Parking Meter today!
Flexible rates, print-out tickets, payment audits, and around-the-clock reports.

Eliminate the need for single space parking meters with a Smart Parking Meter for sale from Parking CXT. Monitor parking activity and set your rates to maximize profits. Payment options include bills, coins, and credit card. Manage rates, review payments, and perform audits through CloudEASE, the software system which provides around the clock monitoring.
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