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How to Connect the QR Code with the Smart Channel Gate?
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How to Connect the QR Code with the Smart Channel Gate?

Sidewalk gates are passage barriers used to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. People's demand for road gates is increasing day by day. Sidewalk gates have been set up at the entrances and exits of various places, and a complete set of access management devices not only rely on the turnstiles. It needs to be completed by combining the gate system, the gate and the QR code scanning equipment. The gate can be connected to different ticketing systems. Therefore, paid and non-paid areas are also formed in different places, and pedestrians are allowed or prohibited to enter and exit according to different permissions.

Ⅰ. What is the QR code access control?

QR code access control is a new generation of smart products upgraded on the basis of traditional access control. It combines traditional door opening methods with new door opening methods such as QR codes, ID cards, and Bluetooth. The most commonly used functions on the barrier gates are the QR code and ID card opening. The QR code access control that we routinely contact can be roughly divided into the following types:

1. From the output format of the signal, there are Wiegand model output, window model output and USB model output as distinguished

2. QR code access control only needs to connect the corresponding output signal with the gate control board

According to different customer conditions, you can use a QR code reader or a QR code access control integrated machine for docking and installation. The difference between the two models is whether an access control controller is required. If there is an access control controller, only need a QR code reader for docking, if there is no controller, you need to integrate the QR code reader and the access controller with an integrated QR and barcode scanner for docking.

Ⅱ. The role of QR code access control

The security performance of the QR code access control is very high, mainly because it can realize data management, because every time you use it, the access information will be effectively recorded, making the data management easier and accurate. This can not only reduce the pressure of the staff, but also greatly improve the security level of these places such as residences or office areas, and the efficiency of smart door opening is very fast.

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