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Practical Technical Characteristics of Tripod Security Gates
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Practical Technical Characteristics of Tripod Security Gates

Practical technical features of tripod security gates:

1. Unique transmission capability:

Tripod security gates use a unique transmission system, more flexibility and easy to use;

2. Using information technology tripod security gates
Intelligent programming technology of built-in equipment tripod security gates, combined with security protection measures and more humanized design concept, is a widely used factor.

3. Contour safety strength:
Three-roll door window glass, system control and reduce the flow of too many injuries.

4. The choice of mode:
Tripod security gates can effectively use software to set up work mode adjustment and verification, also can combine various patterns, more functions.

5. In operation, the stress around the magnetic field is reduced.
Tripod roll gate is less noisy and more effective in operation, helping the environment to reduce the damage caused by the magnetic field.

The use of tripod security gates ensures the safety of passengers, improves the quality of the people's movement, and makes the design more humane and has high practical value.

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