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A Strong Guarantee For The Personal Entrance Solutions  in Schools and Campus
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A Strong Guarantee For The Personal Entrance Solutions in Schools and Campus

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of education informatization and digitization, the emphasis on the construction of "Safe Campus" and "Smart Campus" with school security as the core has been continuously improved. The security products such as AI face recognition and intelligent monitoring enabled by the school have improved the efficiency of school management.

Provide a strong guarantee for the personal safety of students and faculty

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is gradually improving, and the order of life and production is gradually recovering. In the past few days, many places have clarified the start time of students. When returning to school, a large number of teachers and students returned to school, which brought a test to the campus epidemic prevention work.
Face temperature measurement access control system to help campus "return to school" tide
The campus staff is highly intensive and there are many activities of teachers and students. How to quickly detect personnel with abnormal body temperature, improve the management efficiency of teachers and students, and strictly do the daily anti-epidemic work in the school is the primary task of the school.
The traditional contact temperature measurement method will have the risk of cross-infection of personnel, especially in places with dense personnel such as schools, the risk of infection will be higher.
In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students and the campus, and ensure the correctness of epidemic prevention and teaching, CXT has launched a face recognition and temperature detection access control system to help the prevention and control of the school's epidemic situation.
The system uses face recognition to measure the temperature. When students walk through the door, the non-contact measurement method can quickly detect the temperature of the personnel and effectively avoid the risk of infection.
At the same time, its system is tied to face information, and its response speed is fast, which can quickly measure and screen temperature in the crowd.
Once an abnormal temperature occurs, the system background will automatically turn on the alarm function, and push real-time personnel data to the computer, parents, and school, at any time to query the abnormal temperature, so as to improve the efficiency of detection.

In addition, on the system supervision side, students 'daily temperature information, records, photos and other information can be pushed to the parents' side in real time. One-click advance notice of school time to prevent parents from congesting the school entrance.
Its face recognition all-in-one product can support IC, ID card and swipe card functions, real-time comparison by capturing faces, and upload recognition records to the cloud in real time. Through the latest cloud face recognition comparison, to ensure the authenticity of the identity of people entering and exiting, and to carry out data on the supervision platform

Management, so as to assist various departments and schools to timely and effectively control the epidemic situation

Its product equipment has a built-in low-voltage and low-power infrared body temperature monitoring module, which can simultaneously perform face recognition and body temperature detection, and quickly obtain body temperature-related data.

CXT temperature detection AI Face Terminal access control system is not only used in campus, but also in airports, ports, stations, hospitals and other places with large crowd flows. It can quickly check the fever personnel and give early warning prompts to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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