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The working principle of the three-roll gate
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The working principle of the three-roll gate

The access management and control system of the three-roller gate channel has various functions such as door access control, real-time monitoring, and security alarm. So as to provide users with an efficient and economical working environment.

As an advanced high-tech technology prevention and management method, it has been widely used in scientific research, parks, industry, museums, hotels, shopping malls, medical care, banks, corporate office buildings, etc. in some economically developed countries and regions. It has the characteristics of concealment and timeliness, and it is more and more widely used in many fields.

So do you know the working principle of the three-roll gate? Let's talk about the working principle of the popular three-roller gate. The intelligent automatic three-roller gate is mainly composed of the following three blocks:

Dynamic access control system

vehicle access door

door for people to pass through

vehicle access control

Access control

Access control solutions

Access control platform

Access control during fire alarm

Access control

Access Card

Elevator access control

access control parameters

Biometric access control

Fingerprint access control

Password access control

1. The stainless steel box is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm, which is beautiful in appearance and ergonomic.

2. The mechanical transmission system is mainly composed of the main shaft, the front and rear bearing seats, the buffer mechanism, the electromagnetic coil seat, the rotation stop mechanism, the three-roller rod, the ratchet wheel, and the reset mechanism.

3. The intelligent control system adopts the self-developed circuit main board. After the power is turned on, the main board can control the operation of the three-roller gate by receiving signals.

In practical application, the three-roller gate will be connected to different access control systems according to the different needs of customers. The access control controller is connected to the main board of the gate through the relay signal switch, so that it can be controlled by swiping cards, fingerprints, faces, two-dimensional codes and other media. Whether the three-roller gate is open. Do you understand the above description? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and our professionals will answer them for you!