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Tripod Barriers for Access Control Five Technologies

The tripod barriers for access control is widely used in public places such as canteen, hotel, office building, museum, gymnasium, club, subway, station, wharf and so on. It is specially designed for security check or control when people entering or exiting the gate. It helps smooth the traffic and ensures the safety of the travel personnel. Besides, it also helps reduce the contradiction caused by the excessive flow of people.

What are the practical features of the tripod barriers for access control?

1. Unique transmission function

The tripod barrier adopts a unique transmission system, which helps it become more flexible and convenient during the operation.

2. Multiple choices of working mode

The working modes of the tripod barriers for access control can be effectively adjusted and validated with the software. Besides, the various working modes can be used in the form of combination.

3. Reduce the pressure on the surrounding magnetic field during the operation

The tripod barrier has the advantages of low noise and extremely effective function in operation, which helps to reduce the harm caused by magnetic field compression in the surrounding environment.

4. Adopt information programming technology

The built-in equipment of the tripod barrier adopts high intelligent information programming technology, it combines with safety protection measures and has more humanized design concept, which are all the factors for the large-scale use of the tripod barrier.

5.High safety protection intensity

The tripod barrier window adopts tempered glass and is controlled by the system, which reduces the damage caused by the excessive flow of people.
The application of the tripod barrier guarantees the safety of travelers and improves people's traffic quality. The rationality of its design is humanized and has a very high practical value.

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