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What Advantages Can Prevent Pedestrian Access Gates from Being Eliminated?
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What Advantages Can Prevent Pedestrian Access Gates from Being Eliminated?

Due to the huge market demand for pedestrian barrier gates, large and small access gate manufacturers spring up like mushrooms. Pedestrian access gate enterprises must constantly improve the manufacturing process and combine with advanced information control technology if they want to stand firm in the fierce market competition and develop continuously. The advantages and practicability of the access gate products are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Economic practicability: Pedestrian access gates are composed of hardware and control systems. The gates with exquisite appearance, complete functions and strong applicability will greatly reduce the cost.

2. Versatility: Contactless intelligent IC cards, also known as RF cards, are adopted in access gate management systems, which successfully solves the problems such as multiple use, confidentiality, wear and operation of IC cards and greatly improves the practicability of systems.  In addition, a single card can be authorized for several times, and access gates can be used for the application management in other aspects.

3. Easy maintenance: The maintenance is easy, and they support 24-hour monitoring.

4. Advanced technology: The latest wireless network management system will not be eliminated even after a few years.

5. Application security: The use of internationally certified wireless transmission channels will cause no radiation damage to human body.

6. Flexibility: The access right of personnel can be set, reported for loss, canceled and added freely through software.

7. Convenience in use: Pedestrians just need to put the card in the induction area and shake it slightly, then the intelligent gate can realize the management of personnel in and out, and the equipment response time is less than 0.1s.

8. Data confidentiality: Enciphered information can be set at will during the transmission of the access control turnstile gate to ensure the security of your data.

9. Capacity expansibility: The computer and intelligent management system adopt wireless communication mode, and the access gate can expand the number of channels at will. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if more intelligent access gates and elevator control equipment are required to be added, it only needs to add the corresponding access gates in terms of the hardware, and the newly added equipment can be set through the software.

10. Off-line operation: Pedestrian access gates adopt the wireless transmission mode of telecommunication base station and operate completely offline. The transmission distance of the access gate can reach several kilometers according to the requirements, and the fastest data transmission speed can reach 100M/S, which is several times or even dozens of times of the industrial serial port transmission quality.

11. Simple and easy use: The existing access control management personnel can operate the access gates through simple training, and the maintenance personnel of access gates can find the failures through a few simple operation steps, then the failures can be quickly and easily eliminated.

Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co., Ltd. is a professional turnstile gate company with 14 years of experience in gate R&D and manufacturing. With years of experience accumulation and continuous technological innovation, we provide customers with intelligent pedestrian access gate system solutions in attendance, access control, consumption, ticket management, etc.

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