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What Should Be Noted When Selecting Full Height Turnstile Gates?
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What Should Be Noted When Selecting Full Height Turnstile Gates?

Full height turnstile gates are mainly used in the entrance guard occasions such as football fields and prisons to prevent violent impact. Compared with other gates, full height turnstile gates are strong and impact resistant, and they can not be illegally crossed. In the selection of full height turnstile gates, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Sturdiness and impact resistance: The rotary rod and peripheral guardrail need to be firm and able to withstand large destructive force.

2. Safety: It is the most troublesome that pedestrians are locked in full height turnstile gates and they can not enter or exit. Such accident must be avoided in any case (such as a sudden power failure).

3. The rotating arm has large weight and inertia, and there is no oscillation when the rotating arm is in place.

4. Rotation life: the moving parts will wear, and the design and selection of key components should be reasonable.

5. The glass material above the bar code reader: The upper part of the bar code reader must be transparent. The polymethyl methacrylate is low-cost, and it is easy to process and install. However, this kind of glass will be attrited and coarse after several times of swiping tickets, which will affect the reading speed and accuracy of the bar code. Therefore, wear-resistant quartz glass must be used.

6. Ticket checking speed: The speed of ticket checking is a very important index when the passage flow is large at the turnstile gate. The ticket checking speed depends on the gate control mode, communication networking mode, ticket processing software and mechanical action speed. Generally, the response speed of the gates is within 500ms.

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