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Application Specific Analysis Of Access Gate System
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Application Specific Analysis Of Access Gate System

With the rapid development of Internet software and hardware technology, access control system is required in industrial and scientific research occasions to record the exact number of people left in a certain place in real time, at the same time, it can inform the number of people on the site of access control system through ethernet. This work has completed a kind of network technology based on embedded system.

The security access control systems use standard electrical interface to integrate bar code card, ID card, IC card and other reading and writing devices into the access gate equipment, thus providing orderly and civilized access mode for entry and exit personnel, and eliminating illegal personnel from entering and leaving. At present, the gateway gate control system equipment includes traditional wing gate, swing gate and three-roll gate. With the development of technology, barrier-free channel gates and arm gates have gradually emerged. The different appearance of channel gate equipment will bring different experience to different use occasions.

1.The security access control systems are often used in government units because of its beautiful and generous appearance, which brings people a sense of solemnity.

2.The swing gate can be divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary swing gate (i.e. the front and back swing gate), the other is the lower swing gate. Compared with the wide solid feel of the wing gate, the sluice gate is simple and generous. Ordinary swing gate can be used as double swing or single speed gate independently. Ordinary swing gate is suitable for high-grade office buildings or government departments. The lower swing gate is often used in high-end office buildings, government departments or airports and other industries.

3.Rotary brake is used for three-roll gate. It is often used in the management of pedestrian passages and automatic ticket selling and checking, such as government agencies, factories and enterprises, intelligent buildings, residential districts, scenic spots and venues, colleges and universities, kindergartens, stations, leisure and entertainment places, etc.

4. Arm gate security access control systems are simple and beautiful. Flexible length of arm can be used in standard channel and wide channel occasions. It also has ultra-thin body and saves installation space. It can be widely used in high-end business places, exhibition centers, classical ticket entry and exit, public transport and other industries.

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