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Function Characteristics and System Advantages of Tripod Security Gates
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Function Characteristics and System Advantages of Tripod Security Gates

Functional characteristics of intelligent channel tripod security gates system:

1. Convenience: Read the cards in and out, and do it in a flash. With the authorized IC card, the intelligent tripod security gates can be switched on and released and the charging record can be completed before the intelligent tripod security gates reader. Read card without direction, read and write time 0.1 seconds, convenient and fast.

2. Full confidentiality: the communication between IC card and IC card reader, using triple authentication technology to confirm each other, digital technology, key algorithm, authorized issuance, that is, IC card can only be applied in the system, security, and confidentiality.

3. Reliability: IC card RF induction, stable and reliable, with its own judgment and thinking ability.

4. Activity: The system can flexibly set the access control authority, time control, the validity of cardholders and the functions of blacklist reporting and adding cards.

5. Usefulness: Through authorization, user cards can be used for parking, attendance, access control, patrol, consumption, and other "one-card" management, which can easily achieve multi-purpose card.

6. Uniformity: Easy installation, simple wiring, full Chinese interface of the software, easy operation.

7. Economic practicability: The cost of wiring equipment is low, which greatly reduces your expenses.

8. Advancement: Use the most popular wireless network management system to ensure that your management system will not lag behind in 10 years.

Advantages of Intelligent Channel Triod Security Gates System:

Intelligent tripod security gates access control system is an intelligent system developed by using non-contact intelligent technology. Compared with other systems, its advantages lie in:

1. Expansion is convenient: The computer and intelligent tripod security gates communicate with RS485 bus, so the expansion is convenient. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent tripod security gates needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent tripod security gates, and the software can set up the new equipment.

2 Offline operation: Intelligent tripod security gates can not only run with the computer network but also work offline. Intelligent tripod security gates automatically judge whether the user card is valid or not according to the parameters downloaded by the system, decide whether to switch on or not and store the opening record in memory.

3 Smart Card: The system adopts non-contact smart radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of the multi-purpose card, confidentiality, no wear and tear, simple operation and so on. It greatly improves the practicability of the system.

4. The intelligent card reader can be used at will. After that, the reset is automatically retrieved. (Can achieve anti-tail, anti-intrusion function)

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