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QR Code Door Access Provides Intelligent, Safe, Convenient and Efficient Living Environment for the
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QR Code Door Access Provides Intelligent, Safe, Convenient and Efficient Living Environment for the

1. The use of QR code door access is becoming more and more popular

The application of QR code is becoming increasingly popular in our life, especially the door access control system based on QR code. For example, when we get in and out of the subway station, we can not only swipe our card, but also scan the barrier gate through our mobile phone. At the same time, our personal information will be recorded, and when we get out of the station, our mobile phone will receive the information of getting in and out of the station as well as the information of fee deduction. Another example is that the community installs QR code door access, through the mobile phone to generate permanent or temporary QR code, and then the users can use that themselves or give it to relatives for visit. Therefore, when QR code meets mobile phone, it brings more possibilities for the future.

2. The main embodiment of the security of QR code door access

1) Access Control

The information involved in QR code is a binary computer language, which is conducive to the decoder's rapid reading. The access control equipped with the QR code first requires the realization of the analysis and generation of QR code, and then use it through mobile phone or printing through paper. Different QR codes identify different identities. When users use them, access control can identify the identity through the decoder and pass it to the controller to confirm whether it has the right to open the door. Therefore, intelligent entrance and exit management can be realized by setting the rights of different users.

2) Whole Control

As long as the QR code door access is used, records must be generated, so all process records can be controlled and checked. For example, the owner receives the visitor reservation application and decides whether to give the visitor access rights; Property owns the highest audit authority that can directly review the visitor reservation application; Sales personnel or visitors complained by the owner can be listed in the system blacklist through the permission setting.

At present, many communities use QR code door access, providing community users with intelligent, safe, convenience and efficient living environment and experience.

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