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The Working Principle of Access Card Reader and Matters Needing Attention in Installation
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The Working Principle of Access Card Reader and Matters Needing Attention in Installation

If the access control system is compared to a person, the access card reader is like the eyes of a person, and it is related to the stability of the entire access control system. The working principle and installation precautions of the access card reader are as follows:

Ⅰ. Working principle of the access card reader

The access card reader (such as turnstile card reader and access control barcode reader) emits electromagnetic waves at a fixed frequency. When the proximity card enters the electromagnetic wave radiation range of the reader, it will trigger the coil on the proximity card to generate current and trigger the antenna on the proximity card to transmit a signal to the reader. The signal contains card information. The card reader converts the level signal into a digital serial number and transmits it to the local controller. The local controller uploads the information to the upper controller, and finally to the access control server. The access control server combines the card number with the database, and check the information inside to get all the card information.

Ⅱ. Installation considerations of the access card reader

1. Before powering on, confirm the voltage of the power supply and the positive and negative poles of the power supply.

2. When using an external power supply, it is recommended to share the power ground wire with the controller power supply.

3. It is recommended to use 8-core shielded multi-strand twisted-pair network cable for the cable from the card reader to the controller. Three cores are reserved. If you don't need the card reader's voice and light to feedback the legal card, you don't need to connect the LED cable. The data cables D0 and D1 should be twisted pair each other. The cross-sectional area of the cable is recommended to be 0.22 square millimeters or more, and 80-meter is recommended. Connect to the GND of the controller, bold or double-strand combine to supply power to the card reader, which helps to improve the performance of the access card reader.

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